Top 50 Android Apps

Top 50 Android Apps Platz 50: Clash Royale APK (158.497 Downloads)

Platz Clash Royale APK ( Downloads). Mit zahlreichen Apps machen Sie Ihr Smartphone oder Tablet noch leistungsfähiger und intelligenter. Platz AirDroid Preis: kostenlos. Mit AirDroid synchronisieren Sie Ihr Android Gerät komplett kabellos mit Ihrem PC. Das einzige, das Sie dafür benötigen. Die besten Must-Have-Apps für Android-Smartphones und Tablets; kostenlos und kostenpflichtig. Top-Kategorien der Must-Have-Apps AccuWeather ist genau so treffsicher wie der Rest, aber wenigstens. Top-Angebote und Aktionen bei MediaMarkt. Hier finden Sie alle aktuellen Angebote und Aktionen bei MediaMarkt mit vielen Schnäppchen Rund um Computer. Top 50 Apps für Android. Smartphones und Tablets entfalten Ihre wahren Talente erst mit den passenden Apps. Die Zahl der verfügbaren Apps.

Top 50 Android Apps

Viel Spaß mit Millionen aktueller Android-Apps, Spielen, Musik, Filmen, Serien, Büchern und Zeitschriften – jederzeit, überall und auf allen deinen Geräten. Top 50 Apps für Android. Smartphones und Tablets entfalten Ihre wahren Talente erst mit den passenden Apps. Die Zahl der verfügbaren Apps. Das Angebot an Android-Apps ist mittlerweile extrem umfangreich, allerdings auch sehr unübersichtlich. Wir haben den App-Dschungel für Sie - Seite 2.

Top 50 Android Apps - Multimedia

Keine Ahnung, habe die App nach kurzer Zeit wieder deinstalliert. Download: Adobe Flash Player für Android 4. Ich habe ein Konto. Download: Google Maps. Download: GetJar. April Top 50 Android Apps , Uhr Der Google Play Store ist riesig. COMPUTER BILD hilft und hat Top-Android-Apps zusammengestellt, etwa 50 Spiele. Viele Apps. Google hat gewählt. Welche Apps, Spiele, Filme, Serien und Bücher für Android am besten ankamen, verrät COMPUTER BILD. Viel Spaß mit Millionen aktueller Android-Apps, Spielen, Musik, Filmen, Serien, Büchern und Zeitschriften – jederzeit, überall und auf allen deinen Geräten. Das Angebot an Android-Apps ist mittlerweile extrem umfangreich, allerdings auch sehr unübersichtlich. Wir haben den App-Dschungel für Sie - Seite 2. Nicht immer sind die Top 50 Apps in Google Play auch die besten. Aus diesem Grund haben wir hier auf zahlreiche App Listen zu beinahe jedem​. Poweramp gilt als der Meister der lückenlosen Wiedergabe. Download: GetJar. Download: Facebook. Download: Adobe Reader. Bao Spiel verschiedenen Zusatzprogrammen ist es ferner möglich, sein Smartphone zum Beispiel Deutschland Manroulette ein Messgerät zu verwandeln. Unsere Android App Empfehlungen richtet sich vor allem an Neueinsteiger, die zum ersten mal mit Android arbeiten. Da es auch hier eine riesige Auswahl im App Store gibt, haben wir eine extra Liste für Euch zusammengestellt. Aber auch bei Fotos erreichen Handys mittlerweile problemlos das Niveau einer preiswerten Digital-Kamera. Auf Unentschieden Wetten ersetzen das Abtippen von Informationen consider, Wer Wurde DschungelkГ¶nig apologise sparen dadurch Zeit und Nerven. Weitere Angebote auf BestCheck. One of the primary steps everyone should take toward being more secure online is creating varied, intricate passwords. The app also works in the background so if you are listening to a music track or a podcast, you can lock the phone and the content will continue playing. A no-brainer. You can just install AdSkip and forget about waiting for Drittel Eishockey seconds before you could skip an ad. Join us to get latest updates ONLY delivered to your inbox. Get Es Explorer Games 4 King. Mehr lesen. Einzig störend sind bei der App die Werbeeinblendungen. Bei GMail könnt ihr Euch extra eine Bestätigung einblenden lassen, damit keine Mail mehr versehentlich zu consider, Sun Reef Curacao are gesendet wird. Windows Notfall-Update fixt wichtige Sicherheitslücken. Vorschau auf Film- und Serien-Highlights. Download: avast Mobile Security. Von Cheetah kommt mir seit Jahren keine App mehr auf das Smartphone. Download: Taschenlampe - Tiny Flashlight. Download: TuneIn Radio.

So, next time you want to download a video from a website, you may use Snaptube to do the same and it downloads and converts the videos to a format that you like.

Block This is a free and Open Source Android app that works as an adblocker across all the apps you use.

It even blocks the ads in the browser that you use which brings a lot of safety features like malware protection, better internet browsing experience and more.

Tachiyomi is a free manga reading app for Android which is also open source. You can download and install it and it is developed by an open source community so you have all the latest manga and updates without paying anything for the service.

The app pulls manga from KissManga, MangaFox and more such sources so you can be assured that you have all the latest manga available to you for reading at any time.

You can download a manga that you want to read and then read it offline while traveling without the need for the app to be connected at all times to the internet.

The WiFi Kill app is quite interesting and you can use this app to kick users from your WiFi network. If someone is connected to your WiFi access point and is using up all the bandwidth, you may want to kick them off the network and hence WiFi Kill lets you do the exact same thing.

The app was removed from Play Store but can be download from the mentioned link. After installing, you can choose the WiFi user you want to kick and then kick them off the network.

They will not be getting any internet speed so you will be saving the bandwidth. Mobdro is an Android app that people mostly use to stream sports on their Android devices.

Instead of choosing a movie or a TV show title, you choose the channel and you can see whatever the channel has to offer right on your Android device.

Tubemate is an app especially developed to download YouTube videos. You can watch and download any video on YouTube in a format and quality that you prefer.

Before downloading the video, the app will ask you the format that you want to download the video in. The app is very simple to use and specializes in YouTube only.

This app store was made available for users to provide an alternate way to download apps. You can install the Amazon Appstore on any Android device and you will be able to download the listed apps from Amazon appstore easily.

The Xposed Framework has been in existence since a long time. It is a framework for Android that lets you modify Android files using Xposed modules.

You can just download and activate the modules in order to get extra features on your Android device. But keep in mind that Xposed Framework requires you to have Root on your Android device and without root, it is not going to work at all.

ViPER4Android is an audio enhancement app for Android that helps you make your audio and music listening experience much better on your Android device.

It gives you a lot of options like setting up different equalizer options for your headphones, speakers etc.

This app required you to have a rooted phone and this will not work on a non-rooted device. Sarahah was launched in and it quickly took the world by storm when the app was being used on a global level.

You can leave questions, testimonials and your views about your friends on their Sarahah page and they could see it and share it on their social handles.

The app was removed from Google Play Store just because some people started using Sarahah as a platform to bully kids and teenagers.

TV Portal, as the name suggests is an app that lets you watch all the latest TV shows right from the app.

It is not just limited to TV though as you can also watch movies and other stuff on the app. The app will stream the content directly on your Android device and you can play it through another video player app like MX Player or any other player of your choice.

All you need to do is download the emulator app for PS1 i. This is a good app for those who want to play the older PS1 games but cannot since not many of those consoles are around.

Bromite is a web browser for Android that is based on Chromium which is the same browser that Google Chrome is based on.

The Bromite web browser brings everything that is good with Chromium with the added advantage of having an ad blocker right inside the web browser.

So you can have the same Chromium browser that you use from Play Store without the ads that you have to see while browsing. Mobilism is a crowdsource Android apps and content platform where you can not only find apps but you can also find games and books to download and play or read on your Android device.

Since the platform is crowdsourced, the content keeps updating and you will never run out of things that you might want to download. The Mobilism app lets you download the apps, games and even books directly on your Android device.

NewPipe is a custom free and open source client for YouTube that you can use. It allows for background play, PIP mode and more.

The app can stream in full YouTube quality and it is a completely open source application. The app has a very strong and active development team that lets you use YouTube without logging into your YouTube account.

Happy Chick is an app that lets you game on your Android device. You can download the available games right inside the Happy Chick app for a chosen platform and play it on your Android device seamlessly.

Terrarium TV is one of the most used apps that you can download on Android. You can watch your favorite TV shows, movies and everything with this app.

This app lets you save the content offline so if you are traveling, you can just watch the saved content without the need to stream or download it again.

The interface is also very easy to use and you can filter all the content using categories and genres.

You do not need to go through the format conversion since all of that is done server side on Peggo.

With the Peggo app, you can do it right on your Android device. This is a completely different Adskip from what we mentioned before. This work well with all kinds of ads including banners, popups and more.

The GBWhatsApp app comes with a lot of features like you can hide your online status, you have privacy mods and more.

You can also send larger video files of up to 30MB and more. Instagram Plus is a modified version of the original Instagram app that comes with some extra features.

You can download both photos as well as stories using the Instagram Plus app which you cannot do with the original Instagram app. Apart from that you have privacy features like follow indicator to know who follows you.

This is a very nifty app for those who want a better Instagram experience. Fildo is a great app for Android that lets you listen to MP3 songs from various different MP3 search engines.

Network Spoofer is a very fun app to use that lets you change websites in a way that you want. You will be able to edit these websites and these websites will be shown to people on the same network as yours.

You can do things like flip all the images and text on a website upside down. You can redirect these websites to other pages and even edit and replace specific words on a website.

NetEase is a cloud music platform that lets you download and stream music on your phone right inside the NetEase app.

There is no monthly fee that you need to pay and the service is completely free to use. MiXplorer is a file manager app for Android that does a lot of things right and is completely free.

After debuting on iOS, Mountain View finally brought the full GBoard experience to its own operating system months later.

Though it seems a simple addition, having a Google search button directly on your keyboard is incredibly useful, making the whole experience of using your smartphone more efficient.

There are no better online office apps than Google Drive. The only downside is that, in order to get the best experience out of Drive, you will have to download a few other apps, like Google Sheets.

If you need a more robust experience than what Fit offers with its basic fitness tracking, simply team it up with another fitness app you love.

Waze has carved out its own section of the market, becoming a clear competitor to Google Maps though, not really, as Google owns both , but the latter is still king.

The real star of the show, though, is the machine learning at work that makes searching through your photo collection a breeze. It uses the smartphone platform intelligently, letting users scan signs, posters and other items in the real world and translate them on their phone.

If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, look to Google Translate to lend a helping hand. If you live in one of the thousand-plus supported cities, you need to have GrubHub on your phone.

It turns tons of restaurants into instant takeout options because it will deliver the food for you. With the world becoming more stressful each and every day, an app that helps you manage that stress is indispensable.

Headspace is one of the best apps available for adding a little mindfulness to your day, with its guided meditation sessions that help you relieve stress and find an emotional balance.

Its wide array of applets let users connect multiple applications together, so your Philips Hue lights will blink when your favorite baseball team scores, or your steps from Fitbit will be logged into a spreadsheet on Google Sheets everyday and much, much more.

Support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa make it even more useful. The race to find the perfect email app may have cooled of late, but there are still numerous great options to choose from on Android.

Inbox gets our vote thanks to its streamlined interface, and built-in smarts. It will bundle similar messages together, show any reminders you set throughout the day, let you snooze messages until you have time to deal with them and more.

A no-brainer. Instagram is a juggernaut, and it needs to be on your phone. Sure, it may be blatantly ripping off the core features of Snapchat, but its still a hotbed for the social media movers and shakers of the world, and a phone without it is one sorely out of the zeitgeist.

One of the primary steps everyone should take toward being more secure online is creating varied, intricate passwords.

A manager like LastPass makes the process easy. It lets users sync across multiple devices for free, and will even read the context of your screen to know if it should chime in with a username or password suggestion.

LastPass can give you ease of mine, and ease of use. When it comes to rideshare apps, the choices are obvious: Uber or Lyft. Now, when we say Microsoft Office, we do not mean for you to download the app named Microsoft Office.

That app should not actually exist, as it simply tells users to download Word , PowerPoint and Excel.

Save yourself the frustration, skip the middle man, and download those three apps directly from the Play Store. Keeping on top of your budget can be complex, and overwhelming.

Mint is a robust tool to help you keep your finances in line, allowing you to see everything in one place and take the proper steps to make sure you never miss bill, and properly save over time.

No argument needs to be made for Netflix. The service has become essential as a haven for old favorites and new, medium defining work.

Still impeccably designed and organized, it offers everything you could want from a podcast listening experience, plus the ability to sync across as many devices as you want.

There are so many great Reddit apps on Android, that choosing one is almost impossible. Relay takes the crown thanks to its intuitive UI, which takes the chaos of Reddit and makes it easily accessible in a mobile format.

The need for truly secure messaging skyrocketed with the election of Trump, and Signal is the best option out there. There are others, namely Telegram, but Signal grabs a spot on our list for being open source, meaning that anyone can check the code and make sure what the Signal engineers are claiming is the truth.

Note apps are not hard to come by on Android, but few strike the perfect balance between simplicity and features like Simplenote does.

Instead, it presents the perfect happy medium. It can be an app for short, small entries or larger fare, the choice yours.

An easy choice. Another area where you can find a multitude of great options is photo editors. Not the most exciting entry on the list, but a housekeeping app everyone should have.

Top 50 Android Apps - Apps: Von absolut nützlichen bis zu verzichtbar

Wie Geschäftsleute können sie darüber ihren nächsten Flug buchen. Die Flugsuchmaschine zeigt einen Sparkalender und verschiedene in der näheren Umgebung liegende Flughäfen an. In dieser Übersicht haben wir die "Must-Have"-Apps für Euch herausgesucht, die mehr oder weniger jeder auf dem Handy gebrauchen kann. Microsoft wiederum punktet mit einer hervorragenden Verbreitung, verlangt aber für alle Features ein kostenpflichtiges Abo. Und mit alternativen Browsern wie dem Firefox werden Surfausflüge unter anderem durch den Einsatz verschiedener Add-ons sicherer.

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